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Earlier last night, I went for a stroll to the local wool shop, to pick up some skeins to make a new scarf as my old one was getting rather worn.

Well, I made it to the yarn shop okay, but on the way back, a strong breeze took me by surprise causing my hat to fly off and my scarf along with it. As it was getting dark I thought I would leave it until the morning to search for them.

But things got even worse a little further down the road. I reached into my bag to get the packet of lemon drops I love so much, and all I could see what the road I was walking along. Somewhere between the wool shop and now a tear had formed in my bag causing all the wool to fall out. I guess it's all rolling around the countryside. In disgust and as a reminder where to start looking in the morning I left my bag next to the hedgerow and continued on my way home. 

The only bright side to this was that my lemon drops were in my pocket all the time.

Can you help me find my bag, scarf, hat, and assorted wool? I'd really be grateful if you did.


How can you help Ewenice?

Ewenice has lost these items and you will need to find them over the next seven days. 


The hat will be hidden in the shop on Friday May 6th. Please note that the hat has moved. If you found it before it moved, you don't need to find it again. It's now in the made-to-order area. 

The scarf will be hidden in the shop on Monday May 9th. Now hidden in the made-to-order area.

The bag will be hidden in the shop on Thursday May 12th. Now hidden in the made-to-order area.


In addition to those items, every day from Friday May 6th until Thursday May 12th, there will be a different colored ball of wool to find.


Friday the red yarn will be hidden. Has be hidden.

Saturday the orange. Now hidden in the made-to-order area.

Sunday the yellow. Now hidden in the made-to-order area.

Monday the green. Now hidden in the made-to-order area.

Tuesday the blue. Now hidden in the made-to-order area.

Wednesday the indigo. Now hidden in the made-to-order area.

Thursday the violet. Now hidden in the made-to-order area.


Once an item has been hidden in the shop it will remain in place until the end of the competition. 

The items will be hidden in a listing in the Made-to-Order area of the shop. No item will be hidden on a page that a previously hidden item is on.

Once you've found that days item you can either email your answer using the form below, or you can wait until the end of the competition and send all your answers at once. 

The Prize

If you find all three items and the seven balls of wool you'll be entered to win a bag made from this fabric. You will also earn 200 Sheeplets.

 You will get to pick the size and style of bag.


As a bonus, for every ball of wool you find you will earn 20 Sheeplets for up to a total of 140. Sheeplets will be credited to your account at the end of the competition. 


Rules and Such Things

The competition will run from 9 am EDT Friday May 6th 2016 until 9 am EDT Friday May 13th 2016. Any entities received after this time will not count. 

New items, relating to the competition, will be added to the shop every day of the competition at 9 am EDT.

You have to find the hat, the scarf, the bag and all seven balls of wool to be entered to win the main prize. You will receive 20 Sheeplets per ball of wool you find, no matter how many you find.

Winner will be announced 9 am EDT Saturday May 14th 2016.

Competition is open worldwide.

You do not need an account to take part but you will need an account to be awarded Sheeplets.

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May 06, 2016 by Ewenice Woolington

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