Next Shop Update August 8th @ 10am EDT

This Sunday's update is all about the Burly Beavers and Ophelia. 


This is Ophelia in coral.


And in blue.


Then we have the Burly Beavers in blue. 


And in grey.


These are the inside fabrics. While I do like the cat polka dots, I think the thermos flasks are wonderful.

I like to imagine what might be inside them; hot tea, potato soup or maybe hot chocolate.


There will be a medium and large snap bag for each of the fabrics and the same in zippered. On the zippered bags Ophelia will have a sheep zipper pull whilst the beavers will have these:


As always the update will be on Sunday at 8 pm EDT. See you then!

June 10, 2016 by Devon Rye

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